Getting Started

Are you interested in beginning speech and language therapy services for your child? Here’s how to get started:

Step 1
Call our office to schedule your child's initial evaluation

An evaluation is required prior to beginning services. If your child has never received a speech and language evaluation, your child's evaluation will be scheduled at this time. If your child has been evaluated within the last six months, please provide us with a copy of the evaluation report. Your speech-language pathologist (SLP) will review this evaluation and determine whether or not an additional evaluation is warranted. 

Step 2
Review evaluation results with your speech-language pathologist

Following your evaluation, your SLP will determine whether or not your child would benefit from speech and language therapy services. If services are warranted, your SLP will create an individualized treatment plan centered around your child’s specific needs. Together with your SLP, you will determine the duration and frequency of your child’s therapy sessions. If services are not warranted at this time, your SLP may recommend a follow-up visit in 3-6 months to ensure that your child is continuing to meet their expected speech and language milestones.

Step 3
Begin speech and language therapy services

Your child will begin receiving individual speech and language therapy sessions based on the goals outlined in their treatment plan. Goals can be altered as needed throughout the course of treatment.

Step 4
Watch your child's confidence soar as their communication skills grow

Your SLP will educate you during and after speech therapy sessions regarding your child’s progress and strategies for carryover.