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There is no better speech therapist than Miss Amanda! Period. Her thoughtful, high energy, and relatable personality truly has helped our son with his speech, as well as his confidence to have conversations. As a parent, it can be a bit overwhelming as far as where to start when you have a child with needs you can’t “fix” yourself. From the first appointment, our son instantly connected, listened, and trusted Miss Amanda. She makes each session fun and our son looks forward to seeing her for his appointments. Her work has helped him as an individual, as well as us as a family by providing at home tools to use on a daily basis. I highly recommend Miss Amanda to any and all who have speech needs!

Sarah F., JB MDL, NJ

My son began working with Amanda at 2 years old. He was diagnosed through Early Intervention as having a severe speech delay. Amanda worked hard to create an environment where he felt safe and confident enough to begin finding his voice. They worked together for two full years, and he’s now talking like a typical pre-schooler. Amanda was professional, patient, caring, and went above and beyond to help him reach his goals. We cannot recommend her services enough!

Lauren D., Medford NJ

Our daughter has had Miss Amanda as her SLP since she was three years old. She went from being non-verbal and frustrated with an inability to communicate to a completely flourishing, verbal five-year-old. It has been a beautiful experience to witness our daughter shed limitations with the kind, enthusiastic, and extremely talented Miss Amanda to guide her.

Amy S., Marlton NJ

Ms. Amanda is a phenomenal speech therapist. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and patient. She has always made me feel like a collaborative partner in my son’s therapy, teaching us things that we can work on at home and explaining the “why’s” of therapy. She has created a bond with him and one of his favorite weekly activities is going to “play” with Ms. Amanda. It’s been an amazing experience working with someone who cheers on your kid just as much as you!

Katie T., Mt. Laurel NJ

We have been with Amanda for about 7 months now. My 3 year old is nonverbal but has his unique way of communicating, and since being with Amanda we have watched him become more confident in trying to express himself using sounds gained working with her. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm for her work and what she does radiates to my son and the play based approach has been helping us. Amanda offers a fresh and pleasant experience to her office and gave us access to an AAC device which has opened up another word to us.

Stacey M.

Amanda was an amazing speech therapist! She was very professional and my son always looked forward to seeing her. Amanda has a wonderful, warm personality and she always made speech sessions fun for my son. His speech intelligibility and confidence improved so much because of Amanda and we are grateful for all that she did for our son!

Rachel T., Medford NJ

My son only had about 25 words after coming out of the NJ early intervention program at age 3 and communicated primarily in grunts and pointing. Soon after he started seeing Miss Amanda, his vocabulary absolutely blossomed — including finally saying his name for the first time! The progress he made in his biweekly visits with her was truly amazing. We moved out of the area, but we still miss her so much!

Ashley C., Misawa-shi, Aomori, Japan

Amanda helped my son feel more confident when speaking. His pronunciation and speech clarity has improved so much since having her as his SLP. She has always made him feel comfortable and was able to see a change in his speech in just a few short sessions. I can’t say enough good things about Miss Amanda!

Kory W., Vincenza Italy

My son has been seeing Miss Amanda for about 2 months and the progress that he has made has been amazing. When he started with Miss Amanda my son knew a handful of words at the most. After only 2 weeks of speech therapy my son was able to answer yes and no questions, which was a huge step for us. Now, after only 2 short months, my son is able to say 2-3 word sentences. Miss Amanda makes speech therapy a fun and comfortable experience for everyone involved.

Taylor R.

I reached out to Amanda because of my concern with the rotation of speech teachers in [my son’s] school. Let me tell you, my experience working with her has been nothing but positive and a dream come true for us…My 4 year old stays engaged for the entire session and making leaps and bounds with each visit…If you are looking for private speech, Amanda is definitely the perfect fit.

Colleen W., Marlton NJ

Amanda is wonderful! She is very proactive in supporting my son’s speech needs. He is nonverbal and she was quick and extremely helpful in getting him an AAC device and in navigating the transition for home and school. Highly recommend!!

Christina M.

Miss Amanda is everything we could of hoped for!…We were looking for an SLP that embraced neurodiversity and had a passion for helping families. Miss Amanda exceeded our expectations. She did not start by trying to identify problems, but by listening to our concerns. She took the time to develop a connection with our son and has created a fun, warm, and enjoyable language experience for him where he can truly be himself.

Patricia B.

Amanda is an amazing speech therapist! She worked with my son for years and we love the relationship they built. She’s wonderful at getting to know her clients and tailoring her lessons to their unique interests. She is so patient and kind. In fact, after we were relocated (military family), we continued virtual therapy with her. Amanda is so special, knowledgable, and kind, we just could not say goodbye!

Laura B.

We would love to hear from you! Please visit www.ReviewThriveSpeech.com to share your experiences.